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online cna classesNowadays you can get your degree from the comfort of your own home, this makes it less of a hassle for those who are busy with family life or work to complete their education and pursue whatever career they have in mind. It allows you to save money on transportation costs and the expense of having to eat out, as well as allowing you to manage your time better to still spend time with your family and/or for work.

All these convenience, at about the same price of traditional classes have popularised taking online classes. Taking online CNA classes, have allowed many to have numerous opportunities opened to them. In this article we talk about how to find the best online CNA class you can attend, what are the requirements, and a little about what you will learn.

To find an accredited school that offers the course, it is best to visit your local state’s board of nursing and health department; there you should be able to find a list of accredited online classes you can take. You may also visit your local hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics as some offer the course, though they might not offer CNA classes online.

To know if you are qualified to take these classes, the following requirements must be met; the applicant must be at least at the legal age of 18, have a high school diploma or GED, at good mental and physical fitness, have the willingness to help others, and possess great patience and compassion. Only then can you be eligible to apply to take the online certified nursing assistant classes or traditionally. The cost of these classes normally range from Four Hundred to Two Thousand Dollars, though you may be able to take the class for free at medical facilities like Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing homes in exchange for time of service, though they may not offer these classes online.

The CNA course will include lectures and training that will last for about 100 hours in total. Lectures will include; Medical Terminology, Legal and Ethical concepts of Nursing, Patient rights, etc. while the training will include; Feeding, grooming and repositioning the patient, sanitation protocol, and recording vital signs. For certified nursing assistant classes online, training videos and other training material will be provided for you. It is important to make sure that you have enough space to download all the contents, an external hard drive will come in handy for this.

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